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Mark Slee is a resident DJ and co-founder of House-Heads, a San Francisco collective throwing unique underground events focused on forward-thinking dance music. He is a member of the listed Bookings roster, hosts the monthly mix show Heron Sound on Proton Radio, and has presented music on the Electronic Groove Podcast. Additionally, he is one half of Manju Masi, a collaboration with long-time partner in crime Atish.

Born and raised outside Chicago, Mark grew up on a steady diet of electronic music. Early influences came from eclectic acts like Orbital, Aphex Twin, and Underworld, balanced against an exposure to the more dancefloor-oriented sounds of Chicago house. A student of the piano from a young age, he quickly developed a keen interest in audio production and DJing - an interest he has now cultivated for 15 years.

Living in San Francisco since 2005, Mark has evolved a style of deep house that uniquely reflects his personality, comfortably navigating pathways through intricate contemplative grooves, light dreamy textures, and playful whimsical bounce. Technical and introspective, he brings a thoughtful yet intuitive approach to constructing sets that tickle both mind and soul, always topping things off with a healthy dose of quirky fun. His original productions put a unique spin on his sets, with releases forthcoming on labels such as Looq, Cityfox, and Tenampa.



Mark Slee's visual art is built around structured systems of addressable LED lights. Drawing on a background in computer programming, he develops algorithmic patterns inspired both by organic and mathematical processes, employing procedural motion, subtle variation, and evolving shifts in both form and hue. These patterns explore the way our visual perception works, creating a vivid, colorful experience that is pleasing both aesthetically and intellectually - pretty lights that tickle mind and soul.

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I am of the general opinion that the human experience is primarily a function of a brain and body driven consciousness, with a tendency towards existential and relativistic viewpoints. Without making any strong claims as to the origin or underlying nature of this existence, I very roughly identify with the pantheistic notion that the concept of God is essentially a reference to the beautiful state of the universe in its entirety.

Given that, I feel the best thing we can do with our time here is attempt to better understand the potential our minds and hearts make available to us through playful exploration. I aim my technological pursuits toward the creation of positive emotional experiences, and through art I enjoy exploring the nature of perception. I am particularly fascinated by the way music can directly impact mood and memory formation. Visually, I enjoy toying with the thresholds at which we begin to perceive gradual shifts in hue and shape as patterned motion.